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For each purchase over £100 of Alex Eagle Sporting Club clothing, a tree is planted on your behalf through World Land Trust.

World Land Trust’s Plant a Tree programme works to restore lost forests, repair damaged ecosystems and support long term conservation.

Each £5 donation covers the cost of the entire process of growing a tree; from collecting seeds, planting out seedlings, caring for saplings, to protecting fully grown trees. Creating new forests and assisting natural regeneration helps local biodiversity and tackles climate change.  In warmer tropical countries regenerated forests absorb significant levels of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. World Land Trust works with local partners to protect the world’s most threatened habitats.

Each project is unique and aims to save, protect and conserve vegetation and wildlife. More than 881,000 acres of tropical forest have been purchased and brought under protection. More than four million acres of land is managed under active protection worldwide, working with WLT’s network of local partners around the world.